JSC “Oderenos statyba” specializes in construction and reconstruction of industrial and commercial buildings. The company employs young and skilful managers with excellent knowledge in their area, who will offer the best and the most favourable solutions after a thorough analysis of the needs of the client. In order to provide services of the highest quality, the company constantly takes an interest in and uses new technologies. Being conscious of the fact that investment in staff is directly reflected in the results, JSC “Oderenos statyba” takes an exclusive care of the regular trainings of the staff, their steady assessment and certification, as well as insurance of workers.

JSC “Oderenos statyba” ensures the durability of the accomplished works, and continuously increases the capacity of the enterprise by taking care of impeccable quality of services.

The major objects constructed and reconstructed by JSC “Oderenos statyba” include:

  • logistics centres,
  • industrial buildings and warehouses,
  • industrial refrigerators,
  • internal partitions for structures,
  • agricultural buildings,
  • shopping malls and entertainment complexes,
  • office buildings, etc.

JSC “Oderenos statyba” works both with large construction companies as well as with smaller companies, and renders consultations on professional issues on requests. At the objects the enterprise takes care of the building insulation, installation of heating systems, industrial refrigerators, renovation of roofs and walls, installation of profiled sheet metal and insulation panels, mounting of gates, windows and doors, rainwater systems, chimney sleeves, etc.
Among the manufacturers of building materials, the company mainly prefers qualitative materials from German companies. JSC “Oderenos statyba” has made certain of the name of a reliable subcontractor and partner among such companies as JSC „YIT Kausta“, JSC „DAITON“, JSC „AVA Statyba“, JSC “INDEX”, JSC “Green group”, JSC “Genys””, etc.

Our objects are located throughout Lithuania; the company also works in Belarus, in neighbouring Latvia and other European countries. We appreciate our regular clients, which we can be proud of winning respect, including: JSC „FUDO“, JSC „Kauno Žuvis“, JSC „AGARAS“, JSC „ORKOS“, JSC “Gribora”, JSC “Camargo”, JSC “TMT”, JSC “Sanitex”, JSC „Ekologika“, ŽŪB „Nematekas“, etc.


Kauno zuvis
Vilniaus prekyba


JSC „Oderenos statyba“ specializes in construction and reconstruction of industrial and commercial buildings.


Ateities pl. 30A, 52163 Kaunas

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